PP Nepal Wish List

First of all visit www.portersprogressuk.org/donate/ to check the actuality of this information

This document represents a list of items and services that we need to support ourongoing programs, but do not currently have the resources to achieve. Consider this anexcuse to donate your time, your materials, or to make a contribution for a specific item.

Any of the items below can be contributed in-kind and shipped to:
Porters’ Progress, USA
117 Hunkins Pond Road
Sanbornton, NH 03269 USA

Items Available Abroad:

Used Laptop Computers (PC -PII or newer)To assist with field reporting and documentation, and to help porters with computer literacy.
Digital CameraTo assist with reporting and documentation and our Porter Registration Program.
Art Supplies – Watercolors, brushes, canvas, etc.To be used in our porter art program.
First Aid Materials – bandages, first aid kits, etc.To be distributed to porters in coordination with our First Aid Trainings.
Gear Repair TapeTo repair torn and damaged gear for our Clothing Lending Program.
Rock Climbing Equipment – Harnesses, helmets, ropes (in safe working condition)To help establish our porter rock climbing programs and teambuilding initiatives.


The following items are best procured in Nepal for reasons of expense or transportation hassles. We are happy to receive financial donations dedicated specifically to these items.

Items Available in Nepal:

ItemPurposeCost Nrs / USD
Embroidery MachineTo assist with numbering inventory in our Clothing Lending Program6,000 Nrs / $85 USD
Desktop ComputerTo assist with reporting and documentation35,000 Nrs/ $500 USD
TV/VCR CombinationTo show video programs to porters and trekkers30,000 Nrs/ $450 USD


We are also in need of your talents. If you have professional experience in the following fields and would like to donate your time, please contact us.


Website MaintenanceTo keep website up to date and compatible with all browsers.
Graphic Layout AssistanceTo layout a new calendar of images from our Photo Project
Fundraising AssistanceTo offer advice/evaluation of our current fundraising strategy, assist/review grant applications, etc.